bad moderation of gabtemp

helos folow of bolge!!

as may have perused from many postcings of mine bolges, i was previous member of trempsters.!

i got banet for bad gramatical knowledge, so i wait for 6 month now to return today, and in under 1 (one) hour, i have been banished again!!

VERY bad mods who cant even give second chance..thank to me the site has free passsword protection anti middleman included. also did the extense redaction of tutos and reporter!

as sush, hope of becoming frens with hbm1 or the great journal Charsy whose gave warm hug of welcome is dead. but has the potential to write here. at last!

as allways, thank. hope to become you’te frend as well!!

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  1. drenal lol says:

    xathya why

  2. drenal lol says:


  3. Some furry drenal says:


  4. drenal lol says:

    Why are there so many of me lmao. None of you are actually me

  5. leafeon34 says:


  6. leafeon34 says:

    I’ll probably join you sooner or later

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