bolges of lattes juls: 3sd pandamic (his 11.8 chok), kate betreit, reimond cwfs, nsp hackets, new labes

as i once new month is endes, here i say: BOLGES OF JULS IS HER!!!!

hello tremper is back onse againe with the bolges!
we has lot of tropic to discus before closate of this… such as is wil talkes:

– nitrento 3ds has his 11.8 anti hak crack peck
– kate betreial of reswitchet
– reimond costume flinsware
– hacking the smal nsps of swicht
– new miyatoma children toy of labes

as can re;mark quite the bulet list hel. heavy stuf! why say: sorry for waits and kate.

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firts we are gonig talk abut the subject as folows: 11.8 firm of the 3sd. very scream from the download audisenses!! as had bean proof by our fishmans of scrisM (@SirscottyM), the new supdates :


Added 2 new strings in the codebin: "X-Authentication-Key" and "X-Authentication-Data".

Now uses AMNet:ExportTicketWrapped during code related to downloading contents(?) (function at 0x143B9C; its caller at 0x123ABC uses amnet:Begin/ResumeImportContent)See Also
System update report(s):


thos codebin: "X-Authentication-Key" and "X-Authentication-Data".

is for the verification of owner original licence by nitrentos cia file! mean that pirat bin does not have the original tickor. ready to move.:eshop from fr(eshop). Nice!
But the xathya is wonder; can leg8 ctras be protec of anti banets file? since can even play withot custern flintware..
as rasfairy fi would say: is 90% probuble to bent the whole 3ds unit. Damage for childs! poor parent knight. sad.. but think this wil do good: wil teach patents to say to kids “don’t do teh pirasi are very bad onrine’ with new swich. when replace bammed 3ds wit nitendo switch.what think?

but now we hav to MOV to greatest glom of the drakas: swich hacket sell the hack pack to gogel. wil not nam for reason of privat and not up dramsos; but is wurst day for the markos unit. wil have patch boottoms! and none of ctacer branching paylots of hekate. imposible i say. yet she done it.. ues meen no kyut grave spee; replace of framebuffs.


wil not aleborate on mats er futher becos has ben discus by the fishmans and the lumos develops oficial (@aurorasaspect ) but had to echo anger over the denied promise. on day of crime: knuckle want to punch holee in wal. like this clasi salesman:


is how much agry was


now about best most most most new best customs flinsware . NEW:

at losst! despit the claim of fake by atmospher and soxos chills, is not the legeds!! the roy has posted on the own (gitbub) that sophistic piece of teks. is the new .bin paid load to load with froze rocket. not the retro compatibles with utmostphere unfortunat for the mand backup. but as expect: inteegrate arninres includes! much beter. make fel like whole new swicht. is very as staple as buter, even in those 0.01 alphis! stil lack of xCi but with suport of nsp is halves god. special since: soon soxos wil be crack. by the roy himseld! already relase of nudepack contain rornenu with cute arnoners bground. Nice. but font could beter; their pasion is not grapich design as i see. Hope will fix in next comision!

but as the expectetion was had by scen of gbatemp use, all user was hope of cia install swich game directly in the home, dakin to fbi, has not been dis apoint!! Now is reelm of posibities. require the sfs.kip, which hard to finder, but once acquire: set for lifetime (until swicht breakd


). has tres options for instel now:

  • devemu which VERY note legil. is the leak of sdoks, which break dmca.. and can only layer fs. or do the instel mashed brothers: hoever. can break the app.db which bricket of swich
  1. tinfols. opened up source.
  2. dlc is brick.. not recomet until 1.0 beta build oficiel
  3. romsmenu crackpacks by soy! most convenant by long shoots . how to instell dlc app update. however can only do sd root folder acses. not supfolder

as see have choice! good.. very impres with al the progres on those hombebrew scen. continue dong jobs of god rays!!


speaks of roys and the crack remmenu the new evil tunips @PRAGMA is back. after mail to sx ask for “can i obtain keyjehn.sxe” he now is ask the quen roy for his own work of patchet the license rsa keysign 8192. then when rei release 5 hours early: get angry becose when release the copy with shutstok watermark @PARMA is call of “fake”. even rei state on this very forms he did a code piracy. realy the fseek of atention..

and those are all the nows of stitch jackets! very impres, all of way. now i have to obtin the 400gibagyte mini sd.


as of the one last for each topics: lets talk about new labes !
I quote the new of game cnn pollygone: “will release a new kit in its Nintendo Labo” “The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit will add”.
look in the next bitmop picture:


is now komplett of those usb whels can find on amazons for play of but not limited to:
forza grand turism
. if can use on pc somewat, would be great and good price bucks! happyis car fans. especial since good carboard resistent to moist hands when pressure due to overwhelm stres of ride. also has the acentuated motion senros with gyroscopic capabilities. preciese! wil look into buy one in oder to play: irace and rfaxtors.

as for lats article i announce new nvidia!! next moth. anounced by the verge. is very excite of the gddd6 mem. and all the cudes… oh yes! promise of very god grapich for enhancement of resultation. son is 8kk! ^^

before end thus, the xathya be sad because the smile girl @smileyhead is be the mean, onse again


i ask nice and warm “temp what subjection of bloglets dartcicels” and reply by first is his emoji womans! he say “when you left”. much of bully67..

but is over of time for the bolgination temp! hop you enjoys the rad, as alway. i hopyon have suport for next bloges. next time wil be ful of news i hope agains!! unil next time: i say the bye! but as tradition obluge: have the knuckle!!


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