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i say! the hard metal of poke is rebuilded!!!! pog

are you is ready for has the new nostolugias of “caught it?” no, am not refencering the coronetvirus; am talks about the shainy; like herself:;;;

glowning mare ohra

“pokemon die mond brillant”.

i quote my sorce: https://gtaforums.com/topic/969162-pokemon-legends-arceus-and-pokemon-brilliant-diamond-and-shining-pearl/?tab=comments#comment-1071489366

. the tech suport at the big steal car chat is saying he has been release!! what a new, who mark restart of the new resetted era. first, because of the reason of the remade. second:

  • sword and the shield(not migter than the pens :D) was ba.
  • d

and three :

to quote the new of marseil: “ILCA Inc. Created games.”

“ILCA Inc. Created games.

the new of marseil:

yes. and we think it is over; you say. but not!! they have also put in the trainlure :

  • kid arceus: the leged. new of game, which capture the man with wood for the NaNcient time, and. he make the flirst of monster dox ! keep the rpg element. i hope. as he say:

is rpg adventure oaktonne

voiced over mans (or wo)

haha is joke!! not the oficiel(regionald approf) promotion image. here hit is:
trukly a visual state

ah. tel me you are not impres.! but el-ass, is now don. stil not! as there is stil a new most of feature coming son. he is, i wil present.. the pokemon nap!! XD

new of ponkernon snap is coming to nitrento swicht!!

i do must say that the snaps is look very nicest…very the relax for the stres of manses in curent day with much of hapensings… nead sonetimes to just sit beck and look at thing and snap pincture of the kyuts…sush as:

i hops you redders are as exxited as me for the reasles. Honest: let be. After dis ster of sword/shild, was thought s of be dispint. surprise when see the good new!! pray: wil be googd this time!!!!

until thens, i hope wil be prostet of many new report, and of the see you click on thesm! 😀


helos i sayes againe after almost entire 1 (ONE) ful year of in(de)activate…i and knonckel do be sorri for this abstinense of bolges but as profened by belows, am back:         

Uploaded image preview

 (knuck is sad for being gone….)  but here we are against!! and stronk(agan) than the ever(dryv?)!! so pleas realxe, and enjoy the new toldened by yurs trouly; the knuckle; and xathya himmelf.  While this is hapens: i wish thoust allst hyabst receivurt the chsitrtyams presnents from the fate red (not claudus) and got it: the gift (of the gift, not givsing). here is what i have takned posetion of in this vacation:          

Sonic Tomy Boom 2 Figure Pack, Spacesuit Knuckles & Crabmeat Action Figure

     the nostronaut + cxrab!!! great bisnis having the two of sale for pris of one. What quality! veryy nicernest actonne fingure for the glas exposal furntiure. unlike HIMS::::         

Mazeshop Do You Know The Way Ugandan Knuckles Plush Stuffed Toy 10 inch

BAD! he RUIN THE repuattone of knuckle. do NOT buy!! recieved him i dids by fanily member who no realize is evul luganden and not holy of stronk knonckel! certains not going in glas exposal furniture.!     – playstate 5 – tv pluge and play game systone. unfortunat only the pro order: the country is overhweldm. of demand. i thinks this is becuse of no boat coming from japnes unlink the plane of the k-onrea (samesong). hopefuls i am the turtel (or platpouse?) wil bring its boat of arninal corsets to acquire thems!!! 😀 .          whil am at it: i wish the hapy retirment to my mans (aidolu) reginold. am mising hims. here is you’re tribut!!     

Uploaded image preview
Uploaded image preview
Uploaded image preview

– also is prokure as above (so below): nitrento eshop gift cord!! can buy downloadable games, demons, applications, streaming videos, consuer rating feedback, and other information on upcoming game releases.!! 😀

Uploaded image preview

now i wan to hear al of readser of bolges: WHAT did u take for gofts from litel members of family and friedchip cirkel????
merry christmas and hapiestnew the  yearl <3

Uploaded image preview

  I hop to ses around !

Knuckle accepted


helos i say as am the xathya!!

has ben the very longest of timest…is sori 🙁

but now had to write when i hear new of him: https://gbatemp.net/threads/the-sega-ages-version-of-sonic-the-hedgehog-2-will-include-knuckles-as-a-playable-option.556400/

yes! red corects! knuckle is comes to be the play in new gamurt of sega ages sonic hagehog 2 wil include knuckle as option playbable!! xcite the is very is the xathya&knuckle, who watching over me <3

quoting the repopter (Charsy): “, doing so would unlock Knuckles as a playable”. it is prove that i will buy the gamet. and, boy, will play hims!!! now even thos mine feith is tell me:

buy the orginal gam (to the reader: the masterdrive cart ridg)
the walet say:

empty 🙁

so i wil be pleased cati witht the turn of event, alowing me to spent the hour(day?) with beloved aidol/mascot that is .

I hope he wil not delay, such as the syberiaponks/bubsy 2!! source: https://www.giantbomb.com/profile/psykhophear/lists/delayed-video-games/26503/

hope this is start of the rol (bad,, NOT rick. i dont :jo:y) of bolge for this 2020 year!!!!!see u redsers!! 😀

knuckle can final sleep!!!!! it is confirm::bronx kernel exploit!!!

YES!!!! not misred title!!!!!! i cant tell how xsite i am for the new!!!!! man of belows is work his best to demonstrate thos of mine felcing:

dancsing cerlten (but not cerlten) prov xsite

as may have know if ben the long of folow of xathyas: ben want to get his xbnox kernal for the longest now. even to lenths of geting saucy past wit baned on varios forum such as gabtemp cuz i was spiling to much info on how to creck hims…probabel mickersoft got ANGERY and cent lawyers to @costales & @proudshaunesjay and say “must banet him xathya”…. anger it maked me!!!

but now as is produce cistern outlet for news artikel, can spoil the bean!: kernal is out and haxedt crak packed.!

i pasteulatte lonk of sorce: him.

But as we are all of expect, the kernal is uselse withot the mains pillar of our reality: hombebrew expectation.(decebre:)
Wil clear be what trulie unlock the ddr3 of my xbonk: system of professioneilty. And by that (this), we mean:
-jand the nond ripper
-dx os clone?
-disclose of most feater(sush as potentatl leek of new window 11??)
-infernal strugel of the 020010.BINS
-and, what we most hope for: de emuletione man je suis emulateur dauphin, $ Д $

another :hap:ful adon is, as my mans emoji say, the suport of (unopen) SAS disk for the fast spead. truly, the nead featur for surpas ps4 pro!! (is the hope of additional system addon illegelity pirat namd)

I sure hape you; the reader; is fededexcitert for my good idea!!! (plaesed)
good luck/byue!!!!h

men be making them discoverncing the anshent treasure ( KremeBox Kernalm) such the beter part of about the latest 30 1 year so salivating is me!

so this is is are be him hes it is this it???? the END????????


marchlands bolges!!! is u redi for: scrism ruin the ecosystom;virtrualy realty introcument of smash hits; and the street tell me there is new swicht??? :😱:?

helos my now shil of reads!! gues who is??? is the xathya????

in this new of issue, wil be many swicht new; dr. that 2 year after * days of of releas, heap of populats!! hope, as alway, you enjoy.

reinond rival add the cheat??

yers. as advertised in big leter bold: the hacker (scrism) @SirscottyM has releas new “””featur. and you also read the promo materiel; this overwhelm of hacket has open panda’s books. Now introduce: actonne replay give many monies and the unlimit pokermens (but mons) in the half mobility gam. as i have already explane11 in an post of forum ‘gbatemp’, ruin the ful point of pokemon. make palkia apear from herb withot take into acount the dyvacmic of the munster world..! pleas snap! XD mr scrism., and banet the cheats!!!

virtusel realtsy of bigest swichts

as may have hear, nitrento is try to join into the virtuel relty trend of thos late 2010 year, which interst of much but complex exblain cause part of 3:

1) is low recourse

swicht is arms, low cpu and tenses: lack the rext, say sensen:

show man of stasutr of strongeth

sensen juan of nivea grapich

sensen, rtox 2070

as can red above, is he weak platforn. xbronx and playstate 4 haev already atempt vr atlow resource and is shits of bottom barel. very unsmooth and low resaliate for the fat eyephone explor mans…so..if ps4 not enough…why does bowser think swicht wil be more the platforn for it_?!?!!?!? wil be hte very low franne rates and resaliations. now, as many of scientism has said, for game of pixel to run close to face, need many sron update per second to make unsmooth smoth for person eye to not become the green face man and ill. swicht with ram proces and low ram will not sufice.

2) make in backward???

important tropic to discus as wel. this is retroakt pakt of Vrs. a googde vr game is made for said vr, not patchet in cause can..so xathya is say:

can onyl become trash if not made for not become trash


3) 1 & 2

with complex tech detail above, can reason, is bade. provide the not gamer with experience of pleasant nes, but less experience.
i say, if ineterst in the vrs, is pc and the oclus vive. has te high reslution if use sensens rext tech

is new swicht hapsencigs????

the stret wasningtons recent say, nitrento is ake 2 new model of swicht. one bufgdete and one stronker. but also say: wil be plan to focus on the adon specific. not withot remind: n64 expand packet. or the many gamet of watch. Is god ideal: if we reflect. the n64 cans have more the ram thank to usb1 (onli one available in the 20st centaur) but switch has usb 3+C (mnaybe even thunderbird with flintware releas????) as the it (info telefoniks) specsulate : 10 Gbit/s (1.25 GB/s).[54] or evens my insan pace; the triple with tunderbelt 4. mean of can add gpu tescal usself. or the new separat ai insanegod brain fo smart chips.. who know?

Kate; as wel as the other overwhelm hachets; hav REvelations to us that a: “markios” is on the way. source:

Nonon the less, we can hav reserv to as of too the marikes is the new two swicht. Reason is as folow: 1 marike. 2 swicht. mayb mean that streat is wrong. 2: that scrism misread the cryptographed file and there is two. who know??

Untils we habs more of the nice new; tho. hard to gues what could be. sinse nitendo wil nead vr on cardboard,claim of new super swisht xl ; 92weiHz beter ; for the best realty. sounds plossible!! imagine the marios in v r??

Could also be a smol revison. as avid reader of gabtomb threaad byu the newcome know and has be sean; want the swichtr withot bad docker who leave hooked plastique screen. all: for the price of swicht less hims.

Kiorai eridion, thos, has the most interest sugeston i hav sen in quite the whale. i will now insert.

“the most feature is nintendo swich not was stylos and why if not have stylous some nintendo swich games is hard to play so tell me about this why nintendo swich not have stylous”

citation ned

Lost his meaning; has the stylous, u’re gona say. i’m sure!!!! but dont be so sure. for xample, what is the posible of play the virtual consol spectre tlrak: zeldo in train? or the pokemon ranger draw circle to take?? none. stylos was to the nitrento ds what 3d was to 3ds xl; feature of best. nitendo must make extand pack to include; and use in game!!! (maybe clos to a labe cardbroad range??)

Enougg of thos talk, jowever. pleas tell me the comment in comment/think section this bottom. gratefuls i wil be!!

And this it for the entry in my marsh! Hope: like. Thank for resturning to mine place once again!!!

i presenc: bolge of febs:: be flower on pc, links awakencig is remade, dead body is readi :( and more.

helos excalibolge as yet again i am the xathya!!

today we are discus the new of februars. month of (questonne time)

People also ask

Which day is celebrated on 8 Feb?Valentine’s Day

as Yu rightfolly guesed :hrth:

palentine knuckle

now that hav feast eye on knuckle of thos gods, let us later wil be crate first artikel of bolg:

flowere (not weed) is port ontoo:

PC (steam, not ugly epich)

The unown gam,e; popuilar. that was releas on ps3, maybe 10 year ago(not sure) was verry perculair: no intro, no tutoriel, and no pc. in the gam, you incarnat secondary support cast of zelda: wind wayker itself: wind from god. alow you to make flower by make PETLA fly. I know your think as of now:

“is boring?”” 🙄 Face

wel.. i canot says you’r entire wrongulf. but even thus. nice exprians for the 10 minuts! if any sal of steam recent (bunny sale?) then might be worth. yes!

Your Hero Lonk [Link} has awakened… In the new Link Awakensings™ game!

as was browse the varios of site yesteryear (but day), i finds: tes. as hear, an Link from paste is coming pack; is his awakensings.! being the clascel zeldos on game boy pockit and converted for colorisation circa 2000. is now bag on swicht with the hier fideltity gragic and new arte direct. looks like fun littel man of clays as miyatoma know and love

he wak

i think loks nice and googde, nice and googde. up! wil buy for the swich to enjoy som clasic zelda, not like dumb zeldas creed breathe. what is the thought readers of bolge???_!!!

homage to the terminated mans: reggie of americ

today i would like to pay respect to an great manse: regie grom the nitendo usa. unlinke dancing sentOS, i not hapi 🙁 regi was nice mans of present game during the directly send keynot presentate. as his quote say:

The Game:
is fun.
If it is NOT fun
why would you even bother…..?

with thos word of partong, he remind us: “play the good” games..! mean: do not bu mobil trash and game of urbiskeysoft. thank for advice, sir reginold! I wils always rember you unto my heart, next to the knuckle


maron factory : make port announce

o, and before forgets, last new of game: they don it againe.. miyatomos would be shame, as new of port is been anounse NOW and a GAIN!! after the very worst ‘super mario brother ubut switcht deluxe”‘, they introcude: mario is contruct worker, 2. now twith new hat, and same block. when wil start doing the original OC content?? i am in lacket of the new non usb loader gdd2 on my swicht. i hope the nitrentos wil giv me reason to acquirement of game. in this year of 2020..! stil am pray for arninal corset, no miiaboss, pleas!!

GBAtemp Exclusive (Final day) Reviewers wanted! GBAtemp is hiring contributors
by Chary Feb 15, 2019 at 2:49 PM

yes, read rite!! even thus am banurt from the great site of mankind: gabstomp, i decide, in sign of gesture to frienshp The Grate Charsy, to promote suc advertissement on the bolg. so if you have the requeerments as folow:

  1. can write englis
  2. do not dysletik (bit discreminate on this site of temp, but ok if has
  3. stylus expaddon to replace Tim newromanga with open dislatex.)
  4. love the video game (mislead. is title of site: we are not talks about only gba, boy, special proceed; but most especial, detentors of the “Ps4” coinsole. pleas apply,
  5. comprehension of the English language. Know

as can imagine, suche require, many neads, wow (a mem :D) is not come for free. costales (flagleadership of the gbatemp stafes) is offer:

  • free game (may mean aces to the .torent file?)
  • get a nice orange banner, and it comes
  • you creat futur. now
  • get your specifer profil of open. unik critik

so i hope wil be numerouse to aply!! to make the sit wots betar.

thank for spare time to gontoo my bolge!! i hops to see you’se again next monthe <>3 <3

sori for slos :(



todfay i am write this bolg to say i am sory to al my reader al the drenal who lov me. havent writen hs bolg in the many month !!!!!!

coal has had me busy with day of lot. much the work he and i say and boss make sure im the work. is stress, but also> pay. also come clos to holsday of sumer!!!!

now as i hab clear up many of the work and is have time, i wil be spend mor time on the bolges to provide directry to you the new of me and & kuncklke!

the funi imag of my manses <3 😀 such grea.!.!!!!

so i hop to se you untos this sight of mine as when a new ebent hapen!! wil be sur to do the cover age of newest gam and trend in said tek sfer! chek me out on the ross in sidebar!!

plan is to cetch up on monthyl bolges> decenpter, januars, februars, march, abril. then continue but in pase! also hope is to do moar than just monthyl! so here is to hop of greaty time be head!! thank for continud readadage. bye.!

thnak image

bad moderation of gabtemp

helos folow of bolge!!

as may have perused from many postcings of mine bolges, i was previous member of trempsters.!

i got banet for bad gramatical knowledge, so i wait for 6 month now to return today, and in under 1 (one) hour, i have been banished again!!

VERY bad mods who cant even give second chance..thank to me the site has free passsword protection anti middleman included. also did the extense redaction of tutos and reporter!

as sush, hope of becoming frens with hbm1 or the great journal Charsy whose gave warm hug of welcome is dead. but has the potential to write here. at last!

as allways, thank. hope to become you’te frend as well!!

new of direckt miiyatomos!

to show men of logi screm to tese gem

hallo everyone, today i wil

inqtroduce the new smesh (not gamet, is for lates) hit of anounce!! and yes boi. what! is for once: the nitrentorinos!!!

so after deniet promice of his direx being air on the days of early: quake. delay present of new and nice, new and nice, up! gamets.

then finals other day was air for real and was many the nice smashets introducted! i say we have ben blesets by miyatoma, spirit of iwaites and sakuraikos with folow gamet like:

logi mension 3:

very excite time for fanets of the xplore litel mension of gohst and monsies

i sway has heard many people talk of his mension 3 and is nic to se thems gets him.

among oters we got some update to splatones 2 but not much the specielsis his of splaton 2

also some new of updat for mario tenies: akes. sady no new word on the local muitipayer wich is right nowlimit.

other gooode thing include arcade gamets of ports like the goodest old arcadets of such final fite and dudgon dragones, with inclusions of all new world ferst ohnline conectivate with friend in other part of region world!! very colets for his old man who nmis his arkade gamets i says! mite check out to.

also i saw word of my mans mens: kartenmary demacho. is the very fun playstations game of rol bal to pick up random object for big er bal to become stronkets and beat leves. is being remastrate onoriginels of kartenmarcys..

there were many other nice smal thing but for main shits of event is the XTREME GOOD anouncemeat of him: aninal corset 3!!! the swicht is geting his own aninal corset too!!!! this was very the animal of intrest for xathya as very bige like saids game. is the fun cute game with random animels who talk and intelect and frienddly chil cosnes like plant tree and colect bug for bell and house.!

but wait: is moret.e

alonk with his aninal corset being anounce…the kyut of litel dog corset kind of presidens, isabolle, is comet to smashet as well?!?! very the excit new and niceto introduce want to introdce stwo smashet anouncemeat in one stone!!!! thank the mr sakuraikos and miyatomots i says!.

no word from his anonumt about the zeldos in the bit. i say is time for new zeldos gamet son. what is u say bolge of folows???

howesver, as can periuse in this bloget, if being the atention shil of self, can constate i havent talk about a withc in time: bayonet. and for cause! none of reveals trailer for third nsp of series. as hype for game increas, want the trailer detal. sush as who is the purple? and bald card stil rejoin parties??

howafers, the presentons didnt stop at not anounce previos. even thus i did new coverage of scource, subs-main 0.5 new were new. sush as:

-yarn of kribly

-boswar adventsur of twins italia; going to inside.

planet of kraft (not mine where work)


Your Partner Pokémon is Amazing …in the newest Pokémon™ games!

dirty trashe of port:: mario u bros, oui. BAD! until now nitrento has done new gam of btrsffor every consule,  (except dsi wich is best, shut to my mans eriodos kioreis). but for swicht; most best suces, because has enginer of gren team; NOT new. and oinstead waste resourk port to arms 4 or eight cpu arm froms powerful pc, three. bad.

new rPogs by the monster man

and final: blue robot elven sequel. lok like fun flatform! the best!

and wel, prety much everything i think. tel in coment if i forgods any thing! thank for read as alway <3

we finaly has him..

his to the bolches i says againse as the new fine mornigst!!!!

so as of old place of residnet before banishmeat one tropic of dscoteks that oft hapens is talk abrout the xbnox and his kernall and if we can catch???


meself on trempest, talking about the xbnox

but never got no the thing expects for: hates.

but now it sem my reqkest has ben answert!! with new discovert new of: xbronx terminels kernal; 23 byt. alow unrestrict acses to the  ssh putyn of the consol latest flintwares. make use of the fence debug most feature of develops ide programming. the bad reports at gabtemp say of “no and only the koinsole intend fuctons” but i say: this kernal alow for new dor to opans! unlike the most most moot evil tunips(3) man, which had claims of extra kernsal but in fact hasd : none of no the kernal. here probable is gona see the releas of free game soon!! by using the debug featur can create the little cia .xex iso wuth dumps… by cmd cd /game!! i sure, as opose to what gary birbe is says!! just need the talent of hacket like the scrism(@SciresM) or even beter: plutos and his frend yelso8. Up! not the parma becaus is the overwhelm of trashets neiter nor the tunop.. maybe get new blood+ soon!! or even xecute modpacks.. as said few year ago https://team-xecuter.com/forums/threads/152294-DosBox-running-on-Xbox-One useof big magnifier glass to peruse cpu!! and how to instell hack. so pray for deliver sons!!! and that none of fuse for prevet downgarde..

any way is all for now!! thank for read and hope is hyp as me hype to get free see of pirats ships!! 😀