happy blogsmas and swicht brews

hellol friends of tempserlandssd!

i wish the happy christmas and soon to be: new the yearl.

i is do very wel and am is wrapining up my first 5 or so monteths on temp. it has ben pretty decent but with some meanes alongs the way, even some buly from moderations and aministration of the siets. but with the help of my: knuckle. has perseverered through. hopeful new year wil bring more friend, like and followsers!.!

today was the swict hacks with my bosy dereek plutts and waergehrst and was interest although an it underwhelm of bad intelect and display of skill, especial cause plutts screws up the demon i stated in begings with the puryo explets and he click away toos fast. but at lleast he made fancy cmuk display grafix test runs , and that was without the accelerateds gpus access. oh and nos the audio!!!. too bad they had the crappy wirefi like b or g not liek my ac intle wirless and router and couldnt demonstrett hackaxe.
boys handled selfs prety god tought especial cause europe and can barely talks the neglish on stag. so apart frfom the view skewers


up was good.

now we ned to discuss how my manses: @Eridion kiorai almost mang to predict this hapen. he says as i says: in december i was expectations hombebnrew


https://gbatemp.net/threads/nintendo-switch-kernel-acses-is-real.477109/#post-7442645 heres the linkcest.

so how does litle android swim boys like eridions perdict such events? i have game theory time that eridion mite be an trol of either: smealums, dereek, plutts, waergehrst or other said hacks, so knew the timeses of planed realeazes.. or maybe even sir bortions himslefst….or if we wana dig deep of the barels of shits: the evil tunips man.

regardles i now plan on doing the downgerd. i wil find the methodolg to bypas fuse by delids and adding the new fuse, and get back the 3.0.0, and i wil be first user to enjoys marios odysy and the sploit on same console


…or maybe il just exploit latest flimwares. ;}

new years promise for mes is to get som realy nifty new features develop for our coal mines oprates wit some dashbroad with maybe vutejs. and aslo continues on temp and make AT LEASD ones post ever month of 2018.! whats urses temps??

also i hear some haras mr @Sathya thinking we bes the same. not is thje case! pleas dont haras said user for mines post and vises verses. sathy is actuas very nice person as i can tells but we both hapen to have thje strugles with speling, so my new years hope is for temper to be more unbdeerstand of dyslextics and its sever efect on peopl and cant be helps. i have went throug many triels and isues in mny life thank to this disablements and its more hurts than you mite thinks..so i ask yhou to pleas be more mindful. i have evn goten direct insult on pms here on the temps about dyslektia and mod even joins after i report to tel me that suc was not an csae, as if hes to directs my fellings..

thats alls i wanteds to says i thinks. thank you much for reads


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