i say! the hard metal of poke is rebuilded!!!! pog

are you is ready for has the new nostolugias of “caught it?” no, am not refencering the coronetvirus; am talks about the shainy; like herself:;;;

glowning mare ohra

“pokemon die mond brillant”.

i quote my sorce: https://gtaforums.com/topic/969162-pokemon-legends-arceus-and-pokemon-brilliant-diamond-and-shining-pearl/?tab=comments#comment-1071489366

. the tech suport at the big steal car chat is saying he has been release!! what a new, who mark restart of the new resetted era. first, because of the reason of the remade. second:

  • sword and the shield(not migter than the pens :D) was ba.
  • d

and three :

to quote the new of marseil: “ILCA Inc. Created games.”

“ILCA Inc. Created games.

the new of marseil:

yes. and we think it is over; you say. but not!! they have also put in the trainlure :

  • kid arceus: the leged. new of game, which capture the man with wood for the NaNcient time, and. he make the flirst of monster dox ! keep the rpg element. i hope. as he say:

is rpg adventure oaktonne

voiced over mans (or wo)

haha is joke!! not the oficiel(regionald approf) promotion image. here hit is:
trukly a visual state

ah. tel me you are not impres.! but el-ass, is now don. stil not! as there is stil a new most of feature coming son. he is, i wil present.. the pokemon nap!! XD

new of ponkernon snap is coming to nitrento swicht!!

i do must say that the snaps is look very nicest…very the relax for the stres of manses in curent day with much of hapensings… nead sonetimes to just sit beck and look at thing and snap pincture of the kyuts…sush as:

i hops you redders are as exxited as me for the reasles. Honest: let be. After dis ster of sword/shild, was thought s of be dispint. surprise when see the good new!! pray: wil be googd this time!!!!

until thens, i hope wil be prostet of many new report, and of the see you click on thesm! 😀

5 Comments to i say! the hard metal of poke is rebuilded!!!! pog

  1. drenal says:

    i love you xathya

  2. xX_darknesss_Xx says:

    brilliant diamond doenst look fucking brilliant at all it lokks more like an upsacles 3ds game

    • xathya says:

      yas inded. i thinks is secret port of the: ROSAS (rubi omegapog sapphyr alpha secert, excpect not alpa but beta?)

  3. Seriel says:

    i love your bolges

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