Knuckle accepted


helos i say as am the xathya!!

has ben the very longest of timest…is sori 🙁

but now had to write when i hear new of him:

yes! red corects! knuckle is comes to be the play in new gamurt of sega ages sonic hagehog 2 wil include knuckle as option playbable!! xcite the is very is the xathya&knuckle, who watching over me <3

quoting the repopter (Charsy): “, doing so would unlock Knuckles as a playable”. it is prove that i will buy the gamet. and, boy, will play hims!!! now even thos mine feith is tell me:

buy the orginal gam (to the reader: the masterdrive cart ridg)
the walet say:

empty 🙁

so i wil be pleased cati witht the turn of event, alowing me to spent the hour(day?) with beloved aidol/mascot that is .

I hope he wil not delay, such as the syberiaponks/bubsy 2!! source:

hope this is start of the rol (bad,, NOT rick. i dont :jo:y) of bolge for this 2020 year!!!!!see u redsers!! 😀

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  1. xX_darknesss_Xx says:

    knuckles ha oppai ga nai 🙁

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