new nivea cudos raynon tracers!!

show man of stasutr of strongeth

helo of bolges i say as i is xathya and has ben the whiles 😀

other day his nivea has like to intruduce a smash crad for game!! is his new nivea raynon race x !

was very the inspirated presents of nivea mans of shill ceo:  sensen juan

is him ii say —->

as expect of mans such stasutr: great. Intrerest! expain details of triangle reflect light but only bits. But boring as oppose to the reveals of the grapich: REXT2080ti, nivea RTX 2800, 2070. start at 5 hundred (500) dolers us, non taxes. and get: the (2070), while stil more cudos than the very very strong and best grapich nividia 1080ti GTX.

at this monent i wold likes to interjecht for a whiles nad say back when i was on his discuts of tempsters: gabtemp. i say:

2080 is expected for 700$

meself on gabtemp: lonkets

as can see: has been right! may have connexions with the juan mans.. or might be beta test of rtx card myself :ninjor:

so what new featur of thos grapich i say: you ask? wel is complex because part of 3. first, the traditional proces grapich can now proces more, thank to variable floating bitrate techs. but also new overwhelm of techs is the rayon trace xtremgood (where nam come from) : can do shadow. like the sun in real life with the umbras of penumbro(not the friction games :D)! very impres. canalso do an reflecton on the stonnetrope starwar. best! but as the mans of leaks site say “the new grapich dont have the tenses for reduction of costt”: here is. and strong! thank to multiple tech (like hare colour change and car apear from square), can now use new supermasiv unit of aliassong DDLS. loks great, and has not of cost for fps! the cons, hovers, that need nividia brain engines to create my specific profil of tense: each for every each gamet. means already curent favorits wont be the suport. 

But now is consider of priece high jostificatin. the new most overwhelm best grapich of juan man is thwe 2080ti ray trace; promice of the 11Gb dedocade GRDD6. and 10 reis/s! which more than 1800tI becose of had only one. but sinse not sure about performeang in the  old gam; may the overprice of munsies. but maybe nots! as tom say: early adopt wil have grapich of the god. nice

the xathya is think of pick him up as i say on the old of place before banishmeat: has the i7os with gragicks 1050. nice of polygens upgrade if buy rtox. but is tropic of discus for another time!!

thank for rads and sees next!!!

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