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helos again! bolge of januars 2019!!!!!!! kil konola again, unrelistic playtale tester, acesbilly now requiers. and more.

hapiesr new of year!!!!!

habi new yearl
we enter into xathya say hapy!

we enter into yet nother new year of this 20 century. 2019 is today now! tomorow promise: kept today!

time pases very quick. feel like just yesday join tremp, and open bolge, but has actuels ben long jurney of time, sweet, and blood.! but we make it to top1

today we have many new of news yet again to discus!

startings off with him::

konola has been kiled again

as may konw, konola is the very popular skunk mascot of early playstate (or was he dreamcost///?)) game. has had strugel, of not new game, and disappear. so manses of smart decided to make arnitated movie on him, but as sad of new has been revseal: stop. konola is not cmoes back after all is what he look like now. very sad of new as xathya has wanted to know this skunk charactre for longer time now and was think a movsti could be good introductio enlightenment, but no, does not want to make, cancel on the xathya and leave sade…

what is you think of the kolona? should come back or stay kil? too late?

unreslitic playtale tester: creleas and delseat

and now for new of hombebrew gam: scare game of conamigo. has the many fan: henceforth, ben recreat in the ungine of onreal (sam as has ben seen: gale gun 2 peas.). very textur hihg fidelity 4192 (my nbew 1080rtox can contain the many: according to gogel calculate,,,;

sorce: calculate page lary

195 is the number. thats many wall!! but sush is not point of our discus, friend. mean is: many scare. artist say as fellow:

What is Unreal PT

Unreal PT is a short psychological horror game, completely recreating the athmosphere and gameplay of the PT originally published on the Playstation 4. 
About the Making of Unreal PT
Unreal PT was under constant development over the course of 9 months, starting in April 2018 and ending in January 2019. Textures, models, animations, gameplay, and code have been recreated from scratch (more details on this in the development logs). 

source: him

can belueve?? 9 month! is time i tak to program many coal extrac from earth by pikaks. gret deel of work has ben put unto him by the “RadusGordonno”. congration! but al ass… naught for beens. komomi has sent the gordon mans the letter. has ben force to remov gam from the hitch… but casn stil be find if can lok where know!!! 😉 B^)

akses is now require.

is big new!!

for one lik meself with the disletiks, and who cause the buly by rudboy in chat tel me, i quot:”retrad”. scath of exprians has ben!. but as today new law of my Nicholas at the CAVE yhas uter:

Games that enter development after this date must be fully compliant. Games already in development after this date but released after it must be as compliant

what that mean is ask of you??? wel.. on(1)


special font is use when apear on dysletiks. as expandaple, see to my referans below:

theOpenDyslexic is a free typeface/font designed to mitigate some of the common reading errors caused by dyslexia, though its benefits have been questioned in scientific studies.

help to comprehend comend like:

  1. move
  2. ne nead a heeler
  3. spy
  4. vvgt
  5. as can see, many of tem; and mor!! is not extensiv list; canalway leave
  6. suggest in coment!!!
  7. as can imagine, big deal for me and whol disable. whats your thought

thos are those major of newties for januars! nice to wrep up on goode point of the akses 😀

xcite as of what see bring to sun of upcomes monthe of the great can be yearl of: twenty nine ten (is 2019). hopeful many gamet, hacket, updat, and more rebelsion agains evil corpotation like electonic arte, orgin, ubisoftt, denuves (infmos digtel rite protect drm), uwp (universial window protec) and ,most importend, evil epich game store!!! the like!!

thank for readcing bolge! 😀 apreciat, make hapy. pls leafe comet of thouts for discusion of tropis discus in bolge!!! i wil reply to all 😀

hab nice new the yearl and sectrus of kernal

hi the gbaers tmpres!!!
i wish your the habsti new year in this nwe blog psot of mine: blog first of 2018!!


this new yearl hab ben greast such fars. swicht kernels, as ben provensed by the overwelmed hacks such as: scrisM (@SciresM ) , hedjberge, waergehrst and others twitsers user. they doesd the nice jobs in vulnerabilities the truest zone of the 3.0 switches but also new: batroms xploits.
means nitendo canot update the consol b9s cfw withot deliding cpus. and physicals replace botrams. me&knuckle excite the was very!!!


mean thwe swich rom/litel cartridges isos wiith fbi is on ways. unles nitreto ad mechanischst of denuvos in said cratige to comunication with consols of required firm and check to prevent the isos exclusivities…. buts thens becose swicht has 2016 tigar cpus may the denuvo be 2016 steamponks generate cracks packs activate version??

now let talk abouts the many scare virus: specters intel or amd and arms cpus. is like very scare ghost that relies on the speculat speed cpu. does nots afict atoms cos botom of shits cups that has teh lows proces thread speds. can believe.
this kernal ha ben letf in the silicons for 17.5 years>? impres i knows. the litel smeas of intle has not made jobs of prevents scruts from benig utters destroysed oin future. gogel sholder buy intels and enginers the intle with project 0 insteds


but is not al! nitendo has revel the new box know. As:
. sems like overprice of the money of game and download becose box is not the sam sung galaxyus s7 and does nto resis liquids. such water.


sush is looks of thing. but how wil nitendo hav prevent pirasi of cartboxes woith 3d prints? i have own litel game theories: nitend os puts the magical paint that can only scans by ir senses of joycons and said paints is only japan made with qr code made out by paintses. then make the pirate of said box impossibel. wil be only protecsions withe teh vulnerabilities botrams.


o the swicht emulates is relsead!!!!!! now thank to swicht have the: Octa-core (4×ARM Cortex-A57 & 4×ARM Cortex-A53) @ 1.020 GHz
and nitendo 3ds coinsole has the cpu soc: 268MHz Dual-Core ARM11 MPCore, single-core ARM9
as can relate put piece togethers: switche has AMRS process, mean close to 3ds previous console. so littles developer of citras 3ds emulationise software is the rescues with new bracnhes of citros and dynamic recompile: can emulate romz. now in develop


i also very the surprise consider swicht is not ven the k1 year old babi. while xbox one by mikorsoft has 4 years of products and npt iso or .cso. i think that case becose xbox one s has edge browse witch has many less exploit mechs than webkits of nitendo. mAybe if they use the edge would be difference of trustzoones exploots?

andn not forgetsss nice events: cess 2018 at las vages!!!!!! very much anounces from manufactures and produceers alikes. likes noebokks, intle+ vegas G serie, nividia NOW, etc..
my best anoiunce were the much wait thundersbolt3 sssds. very the usefuls if you like have your windos or linus in pockets whiile fast


in fianls, janaurs the firts until janaurs the 21 has ben very new and news. much surprised!!!!


but thank to the man skil of suc hacks is the surprises, specials afters lastester cccc and no kernal and specter. o and no botrams excetuce


thank very much for read temp i hope cee your self an time othe for februars post of: blog!!