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i failurt (bolgs of april and mays)

is backs.

so those day is fails. i says in bolgs of news the: year! of: promise to now year is one bolg every month. has now been falure!

i was means to post about many excitments of news topic in april and mays but was to busy with coal. much overtim and monies.
now is back on said tracks of shits and wil be consistents mans!

so now is gona compensations for lost times of bolgs and wil start with the: aprils.
i wil hury bit cause time is hard and fast and smol so sory if spells and such are worses than even normalts.


april saw some newsation of the games! we have the big release of nitrento oficial miiyatomos labos!


impres i knows


as of yets is released:

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit NS Interactive model kit [134]


Nintendo Labo Robot KitNS Interactive model kit [134]


​so is varitatons and robot (not the rams


)s man


now varitaton kit contain the 5 type of indisidual coy-ton plays (but stil the ones kits


) includeing the remots controls cares and fisherman rode, a pianos for introduce a smash hits, an motorbicker, house.

so can like put motors outside house and pianos in? not sures!

i think very the cool cause many thing for one price and can play with the little nitrentos.

seconds up is robotical kit. is the gundems of the litle miyatomo childhods animes


not my styles of things but stil the litel cols cause can be fun for the kids!

i did not end up buy the labos for my own swich, cause while is cool did not live up to expectate as put on the miyatomos earliers. what abouts you peoples? i wonder what hack think of labos as has not heard yet from hacks such as scrisM and my bosy waergehrst.

also what hapens in aprils was the gods of ware on his playstations 4s!!! i VERY like this games as is a lot of spirit of knuckle of survivings and much adventure and show brain of smarts (like he see names on red plains with brains) i play this game at my friend house on ps4 pros and must say was impres. very the fun and adventure game, good job mr monika!!

pleas share what ur think of gamimngs in aprils!!

now for the very excites thogs…


it here!!!!!! botroms dexplots of dwitch!!!!!!!


now can finaly (as deduces ff source of quotate “get romulattes”)!!
very propsies to the dudes/mans/womenities at reeeswitch! nows have the waits of: “atmosphere” customised firmwae W! made by:

ScrisM ( @SciresM )
​posibilities of being the best hack in toonws of gba temp (property of proud Costales and Shun666).
unfirtunat the delays of shits haeons as teh other hackets of restwitch : Kater has say in the video (i citate in the current next words) “
the atmosphere has none of the date”.
big disapoints as the best (as mentioned early at 3 line early is mr/dames scirsms) says as i say atmosphere wil release on the beginning of summer days.
Hopeful i am thohs because another oponents has enter smash league siblings tournates:

and as the economy mans off gabtemp know very much wellest: concurrency make progress of inverse monopoly. basical romz wil be fast by scrism and open source prodjicts becose of ned to destroy opponent`s busines. which why the xathya not woris. while time of waits of shits i can buy execution or a labus. May be the robobots? as semm much more qualiity/preice relation because much more cardborde.

and wels is almost finished of what wanted to talks about for this mini blogs!!! but before say “xathya leave gamets” i want to talks about a singles more issue of whole mankindes that live on earth (and kunckle): the buy of gitbub by microsoft. very worst problems of sentient garbage decisions. Son: the github ned to reboots to finish puling last comission. maybe wil afect the releade of atmosphete, since storing it in githibs is scrims


thank again for reads temp, especial to my suport @Titanica @x65943 @Seriel @TheVinAtor !!!!!!! i lov u very muchas <3 <3


now i find you again in blogs of junes!! (witch each and everyting is great at



untels we mets of new time, have the knuckle image for luck of god: