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marchlands bolges!!! is u redi for: scrism ruin the ecosystom;virtrualy realty introcument of smash hits; and the street tell me there is new swicht??? :😱:?

helos my now shil of reads!! gues who is??? is the xathya????

in this new of issue, wil be many swicht new; dr. that 2 year after * days of of releas, heap of populats!! hope, as alway, you enjoy.

reinond rival add the cheat??

yers. as advertised in big leter bold: the hacker (scrism) @SirscottyM has releas new “””featur. and you also read the promo materiel; this overwhelm of hacket has open panda’s books. Now introduce: actonne replay give many monies and the unlimit pokermens (but mons) in the half mobility gam. as i have already explane11 in an post of forum ‘gbatemp’, ruin the ful point of pokemon. make palkia apear from herb withot take into acount the dyvacmic of the munster world..! pleas snap! XD mr scrism., and banet the cheats!!!

virtusel realtsy of bigest swichts

as may have hear, nitrento is try to join into the virtuel relty trend of thos late 2010 year, which interst of much but complex exblain cause part of 3:

1) is low recourse

swicht is arms, low cpu and tenses: lack the rext, say sensen:

show man of stasutr of strongeth

sensen juan of nivea grapich

sensen, rtox 2070

as can red above, is he weak platforn. xbronx and playstate 4 haev already atempt vr atlow resource and is shits of bottom barel. very unsmooth and low resaliate for the fat eyephone explor mans…so..if ps4 not enough…why does bowser think swicht wil be more the platforn for it_?!?!!?!? wil be hte very low franne rates and resaliations. now, as many of scientism has said, for game of pixel to run close to face, need many sron update per second to make unsmooth smoth for person eye to not become the green face man and ill. swicht with ram proces and low ram will not sufice.

2) make in backward???

important tropic to discus as wel. this is retroakt pakt of Vrs. a googde vr game is made for said vr, not patchet in cause xathya is say:

can onyl become trash if not made for not become trash


3) 1 & 2

with complex tech detail above, can reason, is bade. provide the not gamer with experience of pleasant nes, but less experience.
i say, if ineterst in the vrs, is pc and the oclus vive. has te high reslution if use sensens rext tech

is new swicht hapsencigs????

the stret wasningtons recent say, nitrento is ake 2 new model of swicht. one bufgdete and one stronker. but also say: wil be plan to focus on the adon specific. not withot remind: n64 expand packet. or the many gamet of watch. Is god ideal: if we reflect. the n64 cans have more the ram thank to usb1 (onli one available in the 20st centaur) but switch has usb 3+C (mnaybe even thunderbird with flintware releas????) as the it (info telefoniks) specsulate : 10 Gbit/s (1.25 GB/s).[54] or evens my insan pace; the triple with tunderbelt 4. mean of can add gpu tescal usself. or the new separat ai insanegod brain fo smart chips.. who know?

Kate; as wel as the other overwhelm hachets; hav REvelations to us that a: “markios” is on the way. source:

Nonon the less, we can hav reserv to as of too the marikes is the new two swicht. Reason is as folow: 1 marike. 2 swicht. mayb mean that streat is wrong. 2: that scrism misread the cryptographed file and there is two. who know??

Untils we habs more of the nice new; tho. hard to gues what could be. sinse nitendo wil nead vr on cardboard,claim of new super swisht xl ; 92weiHz beter ; for the best realty. sounds plossible!! imagine the marios in v r??

Could also be a smol revison. as avid reader of gabtomb threaad byu the newcome know and has be sean; want the swichtr withot bad docker who leave hooked plastique screen. all: for the price of swicht less hims.

Kiorai eridion, thos, has the most interest sugeston i hav sen in quite the whale. i will now insert.

“the most feature is nintendo swich not was stylos and why if not have stylous some nintendo swich games is hard to play so tell me about this why nintendo swich not have stylous”

citation ned

Lost his meaning; has the stylous, u’re gona say. i’m sure!!!! but dont be so sure. for xample, what is the posible of play the virtual consol spectre tlrak: zeldo in train? or the pokemon ranger draw circle to take?? none. stylos was to the nitrento ds what 3d was to 3ds xl; feature of best. nitendo must make extand pack to include; and use in game!!! (maybe clos to a labe cardbroad range??)

Enougg of thos talk, jowever. pleas tell me the comment in comment/think section this bottom. gratefuls i wil be!!

And this it for the entry in my marsh! Hope: like. Thank for resturning to mine place once again!!!

latte otcober bolge: bolges of otcober: golge plus deaf, 1.7x time swicht, starvalley dew molibs, and maybe other thing?!

ah.. as can get memories of last bolge of the numble monthlie; was 3 monthlie ago. as such, time of making of is here again!..!

and what impres new we have first! the big overwhelm of force yourtube comets, gogel purasu, has bean axed!! has the secure vulternbolites of as folows; if the friends has set truestzzon of name: “noindex”, then napi could see age and mail. very not private at all.. and bad. as such, the silisterns valey inhabitents have attempt overhwelm of turnabout trial period; 5 hour. like my vitamins. is sue of no privacy, the gogel. who know how turne out!

as we hapen to be talking of staaar valley (not great ball of acquire harukana) it so hapens that the new overwhelm most playtime on steam gamee is final outlet. on the portability; 3.5 inch screen. great to play poketed farmvile, but probable better of having the switch becaus controler improve working speed of the simpel farmer who harvests. tends to his arninals.  and make fred of earthlinge. like meranda..! but also wonder if have the local transplay with otter phon and  swicht..

And while we bee on those tropics of switch; it HERE!!!!! after the dialed promisess of scrisms  and other mens with wig; release june fiveth. is release: not october 5. but few days later!! has the new increbible module that stop the reversmeas of nitendo analise log.txt analytics of switch, which detet the install of no eshop nsd and xci with tinfoul. and bad ticker. new sped rocket of light to the land of no banishe, even if online! pops to michel for wokr!!!!

and before leaves on the Nintendo Switch™ system, a gaming console

; want to talk about the gadjik of advertisement(can inore) by temp; say make swichtis 1.7 time better. but how???? i wil let you make the perusal of his here:

the unit of cases is made by lemons with 10.000 mili electricities. come with waranty card+ cabel. howevar, as profesion: review say in the artickle, is very much workurt to hold unto hand with the nomade mode. overal nice produce, but advertised 1.7 is still under scrutsation..

I thanx for the read of my write onsce again, friends! hopeful i am that will seethe next time! <3