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we finaly has him..

his to the bolches i says againse as the new fine mornigst!!!!

so as of old place of residnet before banishmeat one tropic of dscoteks that oft hapens is talk abrout the xbnox and his kernall and if we can catch???

meself on trempest, talking about the xbnox

but never got no the thing expects for: hates.

but now it sem my reqkest has ben answert!! with new discovert new of: xbronx terminels kernal; 23 byt. alow unrestrict acses to the  ssh putyn of the consol latest flintwares. make use of the fence debug most feature of develops ide programming. the bad reports at gabtemp say of “no and only the koinsole intend fuctons” but i say: this kernal alow for new dor to opans! unlike the most most moot evil tunips(3) man, which had claims of extra kernsal but in fact hasd : none of no the kernal. here probable is gona see the releas of free game soon!! by using the debug featur can create the little cia .xex iso wuth dumps… by cmd cd /game!! i sure, as opose to what gary birbe is says!! just need the talent of hacket like the scrism(@SciresM) or even beter: plutos and his frend yelso8. Up! not the parma becaus is the overwhelm of trashets neiter nor the tunop.. maybe get new blood+ soon!! or even xecute modpacks.. as said few year ago useof big magnifier glass to peruse cpu!! and how to instell hack. so pray for deliver sons!!! and that none of fuse for prevet downgarde..

any way is all for now!! thank for read and hope is hyp as me hype to get free see of pirats ships!! 😀