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marchlands bolges!!! is u redi for: scrism ruin the ecosystom;virtrualy realty introcument of smash hits; and the street tell me there is new swicht??? :😱:?

helos my now shil of reads!! gues who is??? is the xathya????

in this new of issue, wil be many swicht new; dr. that 2 year after * days of of releas, heap of populats!! hope, as alway, you enjoy.

reinond rival add the cheat??

yers. as advertised in big leter bold: the hacker (scrism) @SirscottyM has releas new “””featur. and you also read the promo materiel; this overwhelm of hacket has open panda’s books. Now introduce: actonne replay give many monies and the unlimit pokermens (but mons) in the half mobility gam. as i have already explane11 in an post of forum ‘gbatemp’, ruin the ful point of pokemon. make palkia apear from herb withot take into acount the dyvacmic of the munster world..! pleas snap! XD mr scrism., and banet the cheats!!!

virtusel realtsy of bigest swichts

as may have hear, nitrento is try to join into the virtuel relty trend of thos late 2010 year, which interst of much but complex exblain cause part of 3:

1) is low recourse

swicht is arms, low cpu and tenses: lack the rext, say sensen:

show man of stasutr of strongeth

sensen juan of nivea grapich

sensen, rtox 2070

as can red above, is he weak platforn. xbronx and playstate 4 haev already atempt vr atlow resource and is shits of bottom barel. very unsmooth and low resaliate for the fat eyephone explor mans…so..if ps4 not enough…why does bowser think swicht wil be more the platforn for it_?!?!!?!? wil be hte very low franne rates and resaliations. now, as many of scientism has said, for game of pixel to run close to face, need many sron update per second to make unsmooth smoth for person eye to not become the green face man and ill. swicht with ram proces and low ram will not sufice.

2) make in backward???

important tropic to discus as wel. this is retroakt pakt of Vrs. a googde vr game is made for said vr, not patchet in cause can..so xathya is say:

can onyl become trash if not made for not become trash


3) 1 & 2

with complex tech detail above, can reason, is bade. provide the not gamer with experience of pleasant nes, but less experience.
i say, if ineterst in the vrs, is pc and the oclus vive. has te high reslution if use sensens rext tech

is new swicht hapsencigs????

the stret wasningtons recent say, nitrento is ake 2 new model of swicht. one bufgdete and one stronker. but also say: wil be plan to focus on the adon specific. not withot remind: n64 expand packet. or the many gamet of watch. Is god ideal: if we reflect. the n64 cans have more the ram thank to usb1 (onli one available in the 20st centaur) but switch has usb 3+C (mnaybe even thunderbird with flintware releas????) as the it (info telefoniks) specsulate : 10 Gbit/s (1.25 GB/s).[54] or evens my insan pace; the triple with tunderbelt 4. mean of can add gpu tescal usself. or the new separat ai insanegod brain fo smart chips.. who know?

Kate; as wel as the other overwhelm hachets; hav REvelations to us that a: “markios” is on the way. source:

Nonon the less, we can hav reserv to as of too the marikes is the new two swicht. Reason is as folow: 1 marike. 2 swicht. mayb mean that streat is wrong. 2: that scrism misread the cryptographed file and there is two. who know??

Untils we habs more of the nice new; tho. hard to gues what could be. sinse nitendo wil nead vr on cardboard,claim of new super swisht xl ; 92weiHz beter ; for the best realty. sounds plossible!! imagine the marios in v r??

Could also be a smol revison. as avid reader of gabtomb threaad byu the newcome know and has be sean; want the swichtr withot bad docker who leave hooked plastique screen. all: for the price of swicht less hims.

Kiorai eridion, thos, has the most interest sugeston i hav sen in quite the whale. i will now insert.

“the most feature is nintendo swich not was stylos and why if not have stylous some nintendo swich games is hard to play so tell me about this why nintendo swich not have stylous”

citation ned

Lost his meaning; has the stylous, u’re gona say. i’m sure!!!! but dont be so sure. for xample, what is the posible of play the virtual consol spectre tlrak: zeldo in train? or the pokemon ranger draw circle to take?? none. stylos was to the nitrento ds what 3d was to 3ds xl; feature of best. nitendo must make extand pack to include; and use in game!!! (maybe clos to a labe cardbroad range??)

Enougg of thos talk, jowever. pleas tell me the comment in comment/think section this bottom. gratefuls i wil be!!

And this it for the entry in my marsh! Hope: like. Thank for resturning to mine place once again!!!

bootrum of swicht, vitas kernal an varius newses!! (febs blog)

what is up tempsters


:DD as back with the new months of blogs as i promise in my the: new years, writre bolgs of ever month in 2018!! lifes are progres steadies and coals mine is blombing with the bisnis! make the much coals and my system are big of help to said: crew. i recent post about this isues off mankindes that kep me up at some of them night, capturing his kernal of the xbnox once! this time didnt get delerate but got locket and pazrt of topics i wana dicus toda is mods discrimination me and being the very in konsistens. first mr isaks tels me to “use: auto corect: the.” / so i proceds to use said autos corect butr then after, mod monx locks threads saying i dont speak the wells enough, and estensils tels me to “try agains”. so i gus im gons make the thirdest thred. now sins after i start use said autos cort peopl complain evn more, probab cause is corets into wrongs words!!! and this is why i have ben say: is not about the auto corets but about: structs and isue. so..wich does does? mayb i wil sit: down and studies the more england? whats your thot of thats? her i start new bolg cos old one was veri the not uniterst. ok abovs didnt reals work so lets me tries again

howdies user of gabtemp forums!!!! is tiems of years again were i do the post of blog post!!!! are excitesd?? i am!!!


again todsay we talks about importan noses such as kernal of switches and vites and ps4!!! but first the xatha watn tos advertiz temp fore new: them of darknes. very black ankd the rests for eye, xcept if got the amoleed dispays becose doesnt true black and turn of pixel to save voltages of battery. many proposes to admin such as bortzion and shaunje and costellos for grapich design!!!


there also new news abut the vita console (by sonys):thank to efort of two weks by mr floe, teh 3.76 is: bruteforce!! now can play the 3.61 gem such as: stenns gates zos, meary squelter, dang ropes v.3. soon when 3.65 ensos is develop


i ask myself the queston of value at said point. mr yifan lus only fund 1 kernals. whiles @thefl0s has one kernal AND the viteshells. there also enso for yifons but dont count becose of adrenalins which equivalence the value. so technical floes has more hax judge point and better scorz what thouhts of you?

but most inportand considers the swicht nintendo: botrams exploitsed!!!!!! \


as can se in proof demonstrate of video concepts releases here:


as can se is nice litel rocket replacing botrome of the consoles switch of nintsendos. can also wownder: since rocket fast and loads of 0 sekondses means overclok of console tegros as boot start of boot1? and cans Nintendo update said bootrum with guibr partitions of updet: 320 bits. link to sources:
link to sources.

but is not alls!! the homebrews launch by plotus has been… launched!!! (


after monthes of delays and denied promises by plutts, is the relief, even thos bugs of permanant frezees on launch of javescript node exploit has ben fixed: 24 hour (is 1 day) after release. fast suport, as expect of opened sorxes. i giv cudas to pluts for gret launch. too bades i only has the 4 swicht os with lony long time in: releases exploit


but the securties of shits doesnt over theres!!!! with unexpected of reveals meatdown last months (as specified & xplains in beter detail theres of last bolg postes, heris links: link to blog post previous posted\)
was panicis alaround world. main chinas and united state beccose deveolp and producters of computer states.
said flow (not the hacks


) has ben fix by urgency pattch within the fast times of day. for both windowss and maxos and linus, but the isos and andoods.
howevers, the waergehrsts working as nvidia inc has found new updated kernals of meltdownn, useing mulitpels of cors and cudos. now is my mean as says: the intle coffe lakes has a vers hihg level of cpus proces core, especial with super threatnig, but is vene s worses for 0ryzons and cudos of nividios (over 2000 kyudes on single grapich!!!).
so my mean is as folows: if vulnerabitlites afect the mutiple. can intle grapich be more protecs than ryzans+ vages setups? since has lees cores. and can vulnerobilitis kernalsed for switches, sinse has 4*2=8 corees?? maybe can reverse the level of asmrs by spctr webkits of 4.0 with 8 cores enabled.
a nywas here source:

nows lets take breks from scare steals of piracies credemtials and: agmes. A bit


has seen the nicests labs trailers of cardbos?


as can se my gam theroie of qr code sem to be not presenes on the labes. as such can wondre how the litel miiyatomo wil protec the botroos of cardboardes pianos. miht be the special ssl rsa certificate as mr @SciresM provendes in the forums on same forom of gebtam.net.. howevred too lazes to searsh for it


could alsos talk about new: ssd qlc. by tos shiba is liek the triple lc but quadses layers par cel of bits. as nises reduce of cost is god, but wil very the shit of bottom barel becaus short life span and poors performences compare too mlce nvme samses 966pros. kidnay fore plebs but it ok whedn does nots have: part times jobe. as teenages.

i alsos hav complaint about galgane2 being the bents from german. as firts was asutralias (my cuntries) being the stat of opresion bent duble peaces buts now is germans being ban the 2. wat is happen? how can sigificance countries as garmen be censors the inocent video games? sures is like litel henti but only litel.. if continue world wil bans galeguns off moon


is ok to tortures accept mans mens with violsnes and blods but not juts gun of pink lov heart to shots nices weifus in sperkles? what thougt of you temp?

ials like to shot outs for vinator @TheVinAnator for birthda of cake!!! ples wishes nice day to theirs


speakin of temps regists use want nna talks abouts mr: @Hells Malice . is reason men wit opion of thinought andbrain but doesn understan said postes of his profil. in said pos mr @IsaacMG99 who tolds meto uses the autoscorecc feature of brosing software: listned to advices. bu thens said loli doge uses says: ‘you spelings of shits corectes make trole shill obvilious”. cans explaisn??? very cunfuzled is xathyas


and befor clos the : create thred of blog. want toi talks about last kernalsa i thoughts abouts. when pegaswicht is the browse xploted. why nots 3ds or wu wince has eebkits of nits too? specials sinse wius has 5.5.2 xploit jave of garbege. very not staple and hardesend to haxchis routes. so if prots maybe the stabl with latst hotfix patch udate by plutts? and since allowsed to walk path top mountains to: botrom. rocket switch can lead to sames botrem on wii os?

is all.
tamp!! tank very much for reads. ver much appreciated as alwayses. pleas tel me what is thinkes in botom coment sections so can debate!!!!



hab nice new the yearl and sectrus of kernal

hi the gbaers tmpres!!!
i wish your the habsti new year in this nwe blog psot of mine: blog first of 2018!!


this new yearl hab ben greast such fars. swicht kernels, as ben provensed by the overwelmed hacks such as: scrisM (@SciresM ) , hedjberge, waergehrst and others twitsers user. they doesd the nice jobs in vulnerabilities the truest zone of the 3.0 switches but also new: batroms xploits.
means nitendo canot update the consol b9s cfw withot deliding cpus. and physicals replace botrams. me&knuckle excite the was very!!!


mean thwe swich rom/litel cartridges isos wiith fbi is on ways. unles nitreto ad mechanischst of denuvos in said cratige to comunication with consols of required firm and check to prevent the isos exclusivities…. buts thens becose swicht has 2016 tigar cpus may the denuvo be 2016 steamponks generate cracks packs activate version??

now let talk abouts the many scare virus: specters intel or amd and arms cpus. is like very scare ghost that relies on the speculat speed cpu. does nots afict atoms cos botom of shits cups that has teh lows proces thread speds. can believe.
this kernal ha ben letf in the silicons for 17.5 years>? impres i knows. the litel smeas of intle has not made jobs of prevents scruts from benig utters destroysed oin future. gogel sholder buy intels and enginers the intle with project 0 insteds


but is not al! nitendo has revel the new box know. As:
. sems like overprice of the money of game and download becose box is not the sam sung galaxyus s7 and does nto resis liquids. such water.


sush is looks of thing. but how wil nitendo hav prevent pirasi of cartboxes woith 3d prints? i have own litel game theories: nitend os puts the magical paint that can only scans by ir senses of joycons and said paints is only japan made with qr code made out by paintses. then make the pirate of said box impossibel. wil be only protecsions withe teh vulnerabilities botrams.


o the swicht emulates is relsead!!!!!! now thank to swicht have the: Octa-core (4×ARM Cortex-A57 & 4×ARM Cortex-A53) @ 1.020 GHz
and nitendo 3ds coinsole has the cpu soc: 268MHz Dual-Core ARM11 MPCore, single-core ARM9
as can relate put piece togethers: switche has AMRS process, mean close to 3ds previous console. so littles developer of citras 3ds emulationise software is the rescues with new bracnhes of citros and dynamic recompile: can emulate romz. now in develop


i also very the surprise consider swicht is not ven the k1 year old babi. while xbox one by mikorsoft has 4 years of products and npt iso or .cso. i think that case becose xbox one s has edge browse witch has many less exploit mechs than webkits of nitendo. mAybe if they use the edge would be difference of trustzoones exploots?

andn not forgetsss nice events: cess 2018 at las vages!!!!!! very much anounces from manufactures and produceers alikes. likes noebokks, intle+ vegas G serie, nividia NOW, etc..
my best anoiunce were the much wait thundersbolt3 sssds. very the usefuls if you like have your windos or linus in pockets whiile fast


in fianls, janaurs the firts until janaurs the 21 has ben very new and news. much surprised!!!!


but thank to the man skil of suc hacks is the surprises, specials afters lastester cccc and no kernal and specter. o and no botrams excetuce


thank very much for read temp i hope cee your self an time othe for februars post of: blog!!